Outreach and inter-personal programs to promote support of the rights of PLWHA, targeting work places, policy makers, professionals and other social groups.

Consultation with legal and health authority professionals, health-focused NGO’s, human rights groups, communities, Networks of People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and other vulnerable groups, through seminars, colloquia, workshops, debates, conferences, etc.


Network with regional, national and international human rights and health-focused groups, with a view to framing common strategies for the protection of the right to health.



CRH is a key partner in the coalition of civil society groups on the access to essential medicines campaign, to ensure that policy and legal constraints to accessing essential drugs are removed. Of particular concern is the intellectual property law, which Nigeria is currently reviewing. Our efforts contributed to the importation of Generic Anti-retroviral drugs by the government. We are however, working hard to ensure that it is equitably dispensed.

In April 2001, CRH facilitated the workshop for the Network of PLWHA in Nigeria to articulate their position at the African Heads of State Summit on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and related infectious diseases held in Abuja.

Following the refusal of a High Court Judge to allow a PLWHA access to her court based on her HIV status, in September 2001 CRH organized a one-day sensitization workshop for Judges. There were 44 Judges and Magistrates in attendance. CRH also mobilized the media and civil society organizations across the country to keep the issue around her case in the public agenda.

CRH staff and volunteers are key resource persons in many radio and TV programs in relation to HIV/AIDS and the right to health. We have produced and aired many jingles and documentaries as well as posters and flyers aimed at changing attitudes and behaviors in relation to HIV/AIDS.

Played an active role in the planning of Nigeria’s HIV/AIDS emergency action plan.

Established a network of 15 lawyers who provide pro-bono representation.

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